Introducing the Paw Pounder Run of Many Colors

AND PawPounder 5K/10K Extreme


Want to experience the most fun, most crazy and most colorful race ever to take place at Bryan College? Then register to be part of Bryan College's inaugural Run of Many Colors, a color race for to benefit the Bryan Scholarship Fund.

Bryan College, a Christian liberal arts college, has teamed up with Scenic City Multisport to bring this exciting event to Dayton. The 5K race will take place Saturday, October 12, 2013 at Bryan College in Dayton, TN.

Here’s how it works – show up wearing white (or wear your PawPounder race shirt!) – it can be plain old boring white or it can be a creative outfit – whatever it is, don’t expect it to stay white for long. Expect to be tie-dyed! This race is all about having FUN!

 As you run (or walk) you will encounter color stations along the course. Our volunteers, better known as the color crew will be waiting to bombard you with color. Each station will have a different color (yes the color is safe to you and the environment !). By the end of the course you will be the most colorful you imaginable and you will have helped raise money for a great cause – scholarships!

Once you reach the finish line, join us for a color celebration.

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The Paw Pounder Extreme 5K and 10K is surely the hardest course in the Southeast. Runners can expect to climb Bryan hill 3 times per lap. 1 lap for 5K and 2 laps for the 10K.

No Obstacles, No Mud.

Just You, the Pavement, and the Hills.

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Contact David Holcomb for more info: 


Register now to be a part of the fun: